Seeking fair work outcome

Received a kick to the gut today.

When I took on this job I was promised that when payment reviews were conducted at the EOFY then I would receive an automatic pay rise of $6K annually. As I took on the role I had further discussions about my role and how it was classified, and the salary that went with it. At the time I contacted the Fair Work Ombudsman seeking information. When they offered to represent my complaints to the company I demurred, deciding to see how things played out. You may recall I made comment on it at the time.

My two major issues are that I was classified within a clerical award when my role does not fit within it. I am basically a business analyst, with a bit of project manager thrown in. I believed the classification was a rort to justify the modest wage. In terms of dollars I am being paid approximately $30k – $40K beneath the market rate.

I was made a variety of promises at the time, none of which have eventuated in any meaningful way, but I was willing to give them a chance.

In discussions leading into the pay review my manager told me she had recommended a substantial pay rise for me. Today, when I was called in to receive notification of my revised salary, I learned that my pay-rise was a measly $2,600, including super.

I didn’t say much. There’s not much to say at this point. Had I a handy shotgun I might have made a scene, but really I’m the pretty calm type. I returned to my desk and checked again to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake. I was stunned. I couldn’t quite believe it. I was a sceptic going into the process, but I presumed that at a minimum they would pay what they had promised me. Aren’t I the fool?

Whatever loyalty I felt towards the business evaporated. It’s hard not think them a bunch of nasty cunts.

Look, the money is important, not just the principle of it but for practical reasons – but what really riles me is the sheer arrogance of the organisation. I tried to be fair and reasonable with them, I was patient, and they go and snub their nose at me without even bothering to uphold their commitment. They could offer me an extra $20K now and I’d still want them to burn. It’s a shocking organisation and it’s time they became accountable.

I’ve gone back to the Fair Work Ombudsman, making the additional point that it is company practice to fill roles from internal staff knowing that they don’t have to match market rates. Basically it’s exploitation, and pretty widespread.

What that means for me I don’t know. I suspect it makes my tenure here untenable, but I’m not about to resign. I can deal with some awkwardness, and if they want to be rid of me then they can pay for it. Otherwise, naturally, I’m on the lookout.

Scary times, again, but I don’t think I could do otherwise.

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