Goodbye to PM

It seems there’s someone of note dying every day these days. Again, it’s probably quite normal. I’m getting older too, and the generational bubble I grew up within are getting to that point – not to mention the big name outliers a generation older.

Mark Colvin was not one of those big names, and I reckon that most people who read this today won’t know who he is. He was an exceptional journalist and fascinating man. I interacted with him a few times on Twitter, where he was quite active, but it’s his voice I remember.

For many years Mark Colvin was the voice of PM, the daily radio program on the ABC covering current affairs and politics. His was a rich, melodious voice, and as a commentator and interviewer he was erudite, intelligent and incisive. It seems to me his was a voice I knew very well, though I was only an occasional listener. Now that voice is silent.

It’s sad – he died before his time – but as he said, it’s been bloody marvellous. Our misfortune is that we lose a voice of reason and a man of intelligence, in a time when both are in short supply.

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