Whistling while I work

I’m humming at work today and whistling the odd tune and I don’t have any fucking idea what’s going on. Does this mean I’m happy? Content? Or just a tad odd?

I’m not unhappy, but I would never claim to be content – I don’t know the last time I could claim that. Decades, maybe. I’m not miserable though, nor angry, or even pissed off. I’m bored in the usual way, but also have the odd bit here and piece there that takes my fancy. I’m horny for what it’s worth, and what always adds a skip to the step, but shoot, that’s hardly an irregular occurrence.

I’m genuinely curious, and wonder ultimately if this is one of those circumstances when the chemicals are mixed just right – so right that I’m prompted to whistle and hum.

Take it H, accept it for what it is and keep whistling Dixie is the sensible advice. Go with the cheery flow. I tend to over-think things, but in this case I’ll record the moment and leave it there. Enjoy it – I may not be whistling tomorrow.

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