Fashionable again

Right now it feels like I’ve become fashionable again. I interviewed for a job this morning and have another pending. I think it’s more likely than otherwise that I’ll be offered the job from this morning’s interview, but I’m more interested in the other job. Regardless, it feels strange to be in demand, and to have – potentially – options to contemplate.

One of the options is whether to accept either job, or not. Both are contracts. The job this morning is for 2-3 months, though the IT Manager I spoke to is interested in my background and suggesting that it may well go on longer than that. That’s in South Melbourne. The other job is in the city, and longer and better paid. Needless to say even the top this morning promises twice the salary of my present job, plus a little bit more.

The concern, naturally, is that I complete my contract and find myself out of work and without a job to go to. My experience obviously is that this is a very legitimate concern, but at the same time there’s the hope that once I get in good with the agencies – these jobs are from the same mob – then there is a steady stream of decent work. That’s how it always used to be, year after year.

That’s the optimistic take, but absolutely no guarantees. I’ve had my challenges, as have some of my friends, and right now I’m hearing noises about a number of acquaintances with a similar background to me who have been struggling to find work for several months. These are good operators. It’s tough out there.

The conservative option would be to say no, but I’ve never been conservative – even after my experience. Fact is that the extra money will help to break the nexus. I’m stuck right now, struggling to get by and with a bunch of growing commitments I can do nothing about. There needs to be a circuit breaker. The bonus is that once I move on I also get my leave cashed in, which will have an immediate and much needed impact. The much increased income can then go towards some very needy causes, including me.

I guess I need to be offered a job first. My inclination right now is to perhaps knock back the job this morning and hope the other – which sounds interesting – comes through.

One thing I will be doing is telling my manager. I had to tell a fib this morning to enable me to go to the interview. I’m pretty bold, but nothing is more likely to make me feel bad than being actively deceptive. It’s just not who I am – nor is who I want to become.

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