Whistling again

In a whistling mood this morning. A whistling mood is a good mood. I’ve even got a jaunty skip in my step. Could be because it’s Friday, or because the footy is back, or because my erroneous zone is just right today.

I’ve graduated to whistling and humming. Got some reason I’ve got one of my favourite songs in my head, Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (I favour the Bob Dylan version). It’s been there from the moment I got out of bed until now, sitting here with my morning coffee before going back to bed.

I used to whistle a lot. When I was a kid I whistled all the time and I was pretty good – a lot better than I am now. I remember that from when I was a kid, and how for a while I’d answer every enquiry with a ‘I reckon’.

Coming for my coffee I passed by the station where there’s a regular busker. As buskers go he’s very talented. This morning he was plucking the strings of his guitar to the the tune Never Going Back Again, the Fleetwood Mac song. It was just guitar, clean and pure in the cool morning air. Swell.

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