Part 1 & part 2

Part 1:

Friday morning at work. I’m in my casual gear and there’s a coffee on the desk in front of me. I love a sleep in, but as is my custom I’ve been in since 8 – which is totally unnecessary as it happens, as I’ve got fuck all to do.

I’ve just about reached my limit. I have things to do if but people would respond to my queries, but I’m long past expecting such a simple thing. In the absence of a response I seriously have virtually nothing to do.

The irony is that that this is the busiest time of year for the business. All about me they’re creaking with the strain. My direct colleagues are flat-out with their activities. I’m twiddling my thumbs and feeling generally useless.

It’s got to the point that I’m going to say something. There are a bunch of things I’ve got to complain about: the general culture and inability to get cooperation or even an answer; the fact that I’m dreadfully under-utilised, and talents wasted; and the abiding complaint about my salary, and the feeling that I’m being ripped off.

Bottom line this place is unprofessional and hopeless. They make it up as they go along, often with major consequences. If but they did some proper planning most of their issues would be avoided. As it stands they’re almost laughingly inept, and I’m disgusted to have anything to do with it.

I’d be happy to help. I actually have the experience they seem to lack, the experience to plan and execute a project – but they seem unwilling to use me. I feel as if they’re wary of me intruding on their patch. Far better they muddle along and somehow almost get there. In a place like this where that’s the general practice they can get away with it, no matter how bad it looks.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked in such an inept organisation, with such entrenched mediocrity. There are many capable people, but most of them are tasked with sorting out the mess the much less capable have created.

I can’t see how it will change in the short term. It’s a huge job to start with, but even if it was a simple thing there appears no appetite for it.

Part 2:

It’s not much good keeping thoughts like I’ve expressed above to myself, and so I asked for a few minutes with my manager. I told her I was unhappy with the job and was looking for another. In the course of our discussion over the next 10 minutes I pretty well repeated all of the above in one way or another. She understood, and I believe agrees with most if not all of it. She asked what she could do to keep me and I said there was probably very little as the problems are too well entrenched to shift.

We get on quite well and I think she trusts me. In fact I think she likes me, mostly because I’m blunt and upfront, but generally with some humour. She told me that I’m doing a great job and that my performance had surprised many – apparently there was some resistance to appointing someone from the floor, but I’ve proved the doubters wrong. That’s always nice. Nice, but not nice enough, and so she tossed some tidbits my way – some projects she wanted me to work on, and the prospect of a more senior role. Ok, I appreciated that, you know, promises.

But then there’s the remuneration, like they say in the business. I expressed my abject disappointment with the philosophy dictating my salary, as much as I am the relative pittance they pay me. She understood that, and in fact reckon she might be embarrassed by it herself. I think she’s going to try and do something about that, and depending on what it is it might be enough to keep me on board for the short term.


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