Whereto now, America?

Be prepared for a shitstorm I reckon. With Trump poised to become POTUS it was already shaping up as an interesting year, but these latest revelations about how he has been compromised by the Russians puts another twist on it.

Nothing has been proven as yet, but with so much smoke you reckon there must be a decent fire somewhere, and the sources seem pretty good. And really, who can be surprised by anything when it comes to Trump? The allegations seem well in character, both as a fool and a deviate. The only thing I might add is that I’d bet that Trump has no idea he’s being played – not him, he has huge intelligence after all, everyone says so, his intelligence is so bigly that nobody could ever get the better of him. Nope, in his mind I bet he reckons he’s using the Russians and got them on the end of a string.

So let’s assume it’s true, and let’s assume all the details will get out – it always does, and it’s of a size now that can’t be contained. Basically, Trump is accused of committing a lewd but not uncommon act with a Russian prostitute, with it being captured on film and used by Putin and his cronies to control Trump. It’s a really bad look, and there’s no way he would ever have been elected had it come out before the election. Is it enough to kick him out? The act itself isn’t. I’m tipping there’s been more than one kinky president. But fuck me dead, he’s been compromised by a foreign power, the arch-rival of the country he is about to preside over. That’s the game-changer.

Allegations before that the Russians were involved in fixing the election were serious but problematic. I have no doubt that the Russians were involved in contriving the result, but direct evidence of rigging is pretty thin. It becomes different though when a relationship between the Russians and the Trump party machine is exposed. It becomes conspiracy, both corrupt and very likely treasonous.

One of the more shocking aspects is that the FBI were clued on much of this well before the November election. They did nothing about it, instead choosing to further insinuate against Hillary Clinton in the days before the election. It beggars understanding unless, as might be the case, corruption or partisan politics extend to the upper echelons of the FBI. That would be shocking and unsurprising at the same time.

It will snowball from here. It will all come out and there will be an absolute shitstorm and the outcome of that I don’t know.

You’d like to think that Trump would be prevented from becoming president (if in time), and impeached. That always seemed a possible outcome even before all of this. I don’t think it’s as simple as that now. There are so many vested interests, so many competing parties and so much violent emotion across the states that either way it goes from here it will be ugly.

This is such an important moment in American history, and by extension world history. In a worst case scenario, a confrontation with Russia is on the cards. The divisions in American society could widen further, and become violent. But at the same time, it could be something that brings America together, though I’m sceptical about that. The most likely outcome for me is that Trump will be sworn in as President and none of this is resolved, because no-one with authority has the will to act. That’s close to being the most dangerous outcome because it would mean the end of America as we know it.

The future could be anything, and the next month will tell the story.

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