Typical first day in the job scenario where everything is slow to develop, my phone hadn’t been set-up, and I wasn’t given complete access to the drives I need. Result is very low productivity and a bit of thumb-twiddling. 

The phone now works and I have the permission’s I need, but I’m still a tad adrift. I walked in this morning and was taken aside for 5 minutes by my new manager to be advised that in a month she will become my old manager. In the meantime she told me the projects she wanted me to work on, but without any detail and little background. I was then invited to a sprint meeting that lasted about 10 minutes and made little sense to me as I don’t have the background. 

I had hoped to get a complete briefing, some background documentation to get up to speed with, and advice on what precisely my role is in these projects. None of that was forthcoming and for about 5 minutes I wondered if it was indicative of the way things work. I was afraid they didn’t know themselves, and expected/hoped I would invent my own role. 

In a sense that’s what I’ve begun doing. After my 10 minute meeting at 9am I’ve been left entirely to my own devices, with nothing concrete to work on. In the absence of any of that I’ve scheduled and attended meetings with supposedly key people in the projects I’m part of. Problem is there’s no clear project manager, the project owners are pretty vague, and by my observation it seems there’s a bunch of people who have a little bit of the project with little to tie them together. I may have that wrong – I’m sure I must have – but in the meantime I can’t even get a clear take on where things are at.

There’s only so long I can be exasperated by that situation. What’ll happen is that I’ll push into the gaps and start asking the questions that might stir things up. If I’m not careful – and it’s not something I want to happen at this stage – I’ll start assuming some control of the projects. I hate these indeterminate and messy projects – it’s the total opposite of what they should be. I won’t endure that for long.

A part of the problem is what I alluded to yesterday. There exist processes but they’re incomplete, vague, and/or without formal protocols. It’s hard to be certain, but there appears an overarching methodology, but with big gaps in it. Otherwise the different areas have their own methodologies, but thus far I’m uncertain how they tie together. That’s where you miss a PM.

I’ll survive it. It’s been a little frustrating, but I’ll end up doing exactly what I think it needs to be done.

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