Deadly weather

Every time I go to take Rigby for a walk this week it starts to rain. I abort then, hoping it will clear up later, but it means instead of long walks down the beach as planned, we have shorter walks around the block.

The only day it hasn’t rained is Monday, when it was 35 degrees. This is very Melbourne. On Monday storms came late bringing wind and wild rain deep into the night. The next day the news was that local hospitals had been inundated by people suffering from something called Thunderstorm Asthma. Who knew such a thing existed? It’s a big deal though with rising numbers of people having since died of it.

I never cease to be surprised. I’ve been around the block a few times and existed for many moons but there’s always something new to learn. Thunderstorm Asthma? Where has that been before? Indubitably it’s a thing though.

As someone who has suffered from chest infections since I was a young teen I’m relieved to find that I felt not a thing Monday. The rain came and I looked upon it hoping that a cool change would come with it. I breathed in deep the fresh, moist air and enjoyed the show – I love a good thunderstorm. I could never have conceived that the same air – laden with pollen it seems – was creating havoc with people’s breathing in and around Melbourne.

It’s a sad way to die.

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