from Instagram:
Sorry about the tilt – it was all done hastily and I forgot to adjust and too late now. Anyway.
Was a terribly rainy evening. We went to one bar and after being shown to our table the waitress returned to our table with a couple of towels to dry ourselves off with.
I had a drink first by myself, a Tasmanian whisky at Nant where I sat killing time chatting about all things alcoholic with the Brit serving. I walked across town then, getting wet in the process, and finding myself at the huge new development in Flinders Lane, Garden State. It’s a collection of bars over split levels and was crowded and noisy and by the time I left – about 10 minutes later – there was a line out front wanting to get in. Not really my speed.
I met JV then and just to get out of the rain went to a very cool upstairs bar called Mary Fortune – that’s where the photo comes from, and where we dried ourselves off.
That was my vibe. A long, narrow room with a bar running the length of it behind which smartly dressed bartenders mix excellent cocktails. There’s a vibe of an old fashioned speakeasy, not that I ever experienced that, emphasised by the old tunes playing in the background. Was happy to linger there for a couple of hours before we went downstairs and got a wood-fired pizza each at Terra Rossa.
It was an excellent night which harked back to times before – and hopefully to come again.

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