You just know

So I’m working late last night and there are 5 of us in the general vicinity, 4 male. While I’m working I’m chatting to one of the other guys about his love life. He’s flamboyantly gay, a little sloppy with his work, but with the exuberant charm that so many gay people possess. He’s got a lovely heart. 

I got around to asking a question that has always intrigued me, and probably most straight people at some stage or another: how does the gaydar work? How do you know? 

Well, he said, you just know. It’s just something in the person, in their eyes or how they talk. He then turned and yelled across the room at the other two blokes sitting there (the other being a woman), hey Peter, Toby, how do you when someone’s gay? He cried.

 So there you are – 4 males in the office, 3 of them homosexual – that pretty well sums up how different my workplace is to what I’m used to. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just different. So anyway their answer was exactly the same: you just know.

Then today I’m chatting with a temp just started in the office. He asked me what brought me to the job, and I explained the best I could. He then said he’s been to a few offices like this and there is always the same interesting mix of people. In that moment I realised that I too was another type. In my own mind I may be an outlier, and in the general context of this office that appears true enough, but then in every office there is an outlier similar to me. I fit to a pattern.

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