Bomber of the month

reaming a lot lately, but let’s face it, other people’s dreams are generally a bit meh, regardless of how fascinating they think they are.

With that caution I can report I had a curious dream last night that I found quite droll.

In the way of most dreams it was played straight. Dream events may be uncanny or surreal, and may be confronting, but it’s rare that they seem strange. Dreams exist in an alternate reality where anything is possible, and likely understandable.

This one was only a little off. Essentially the dream was about a new initiative whereby terrorist bombers where given the opportunity to publish a short bio, much like the pocket biographies of sportsmen you find in footy records.

In this case it was a little more than favourite meal, first car, and who would you invite to dinner. The terrorists were given the opportunity to explain their explosives technique, favourite munition, and dream target, and the highlight of their terrorist career so far.

Admittedly it’s not in the best taste, but I have little control over my dreams when it comes to that. And I’ve had some doozies.

If you look at this seriously for a moment it observes a world where the extreme and abnormal has become normal and accepted. It’s not the world we live in now, but at the same time we have been conditioned to the extreme acts of terrorist bombers until their acts are a kind of normal. It’s almost as if my dream is taking the piss. It’s an an exaggeration sure, but not as extreme as first it seems.

Where this dream came from I don’t know. Often you can see the genesis of a dream in an idle conversation, or something you’ve seen. Not this time. I have no idea.

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