Everyday perversity

Anyone who doesn’t believe it’s a perverse world we live in hasn’t been awake lately.

Look what’s happening in the States. A complete and utter ratbag/scumbag is a strong contender to be the next president of the United States. Opposing him, and the only viable option, is someone who inspires few and rouses heartache in many. If I was an American it’s no brainer who’d I’d vote for, but it would be with a heavy heart and cursing the gods who have presented me with such a wretched choice.

In Oz there is general acceptance within the community that marriage equality be recognised. Unfortunately in the party room the dinosaurs rule and if they can sabotage it they will (so much for democratic representation). The result is the damned plebiscite proposal, designed to divide the community and obfuscate the issue, and without guarantee that the verdict will carry the day. It’s a miserable bit of politics, and today has been killed in parliament by the opposition. But where does that leave the marriage equality question? Dangling and indeterminate.

Then there’s me. Roundly rejected in recent times, I’ve today been put forward for the role of CIO at a high-profile Australian business. Go figure.

Perverse certainly, and not a little surreal.

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