It’s a pretty typical Saturday morning. I slept later than I would during the week then read in bed with a latte on the side table and Rigby lounging by my side. We went down the beach for a run and gambol – Rigby that is, not me, I just watched on. It’s a bright, pleasant day, and a few brave souls out in shorts with the first sight of sunshine. We returned and then I set off to do my modest weekly shopping, the highlight today being a roast chicken I picked up I’ll use for the weekend’s sandwiches. Now I sit at my makeshift desk – the old, heavy wooden dining table – with Rigby sprawled at my feet. He’s never far away, God love him. I’ve been catching up on emails and browsing the net.

In a minute or two I must get up to commence the weekend’s chores. There’s a couple of loads of washing, and some vacuuming to do. If I feel energetic I might even mop the floors, but then I’m rarely that energetic. I’ll make my lunch at some point, the chicken in fresh turkish bread. This afternoon I’ll plant some tomatoes. Later I’ll watch the footy, and for dinner tonight I have a porterhouse defrosting I’ll cook up with a baked potato. In between I hope to do some writing.

I may as well preempt tomorrow too. As today, I’ll sleep later, and as today Rigby and I will go for a walk down by the beach. On Sundays I set myself to have a cooked breakfast. Since I can no longer afford to pay for it I’ve been making it myself. Mostly that’s poached eggs with a range of sides. Sometimes I’ll scramble them, and occasionally I’ll make an omelette or fry them. Tomorrow is a new recipe, scrambled with potato in a kind of hash.

I’ll eat that in front of the TV. Depending on how depressed I am about politics I’ll watch Insiders. Lately it’s so pissed me off that I hardly watch. I almost always watch Offsiders straight after that for a round-up of the weeks sport. I might briefly check-out one of the footy shows, but by now I’m getting restless. The rest of the day will pass doing a range of activities.

I’ll hope to write, but seem always to be delaying it. Once I start I’m fine, but it’s starting which is the hard part – but I always manage. I’ll take some time out for some recreational reading – at the moment I’m reading some William Styron stories I’d not come across before (pound for pound I reckon he’s just about the best pure writer of the last 50 years). I’ll do some cooking. In the winter months that’s generally a casserole to eat through the week, or something in the slow-cooker. Come the warmer months I eat lighter, with meals prepared as I need them.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sorting through the boxes in the shed. There are a lot of them, and I want to turn them into a few. I’ll do more of that tomorrow. Then Monday I’m off to work again.

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