My brilliant career

What happened this week is that I sent an email to HR on Wednesday enquiring after my job application. They responded by saying that they had never received it. A telephone conversation ensued in which I made clear that I had submitted my application about 3 weeks ago, and confirmed it by sending them a dated document. They said sorry, didn’t get it, there’ll be another job listed soon but you’re out of the running for this one.

I made clear my displeasure. The application process is clicking a link and uploading the relevant docs. Look, I know these things can fail. I’m not happy about it, but shit happens. What I was particularly unimpressed about was the intractable attitude HR took. Applications closed 2 weeks ago and regardless of circumstances if mine wasn’t received by then, then I wouldn’t be considered. End of story.

I grumbled about it, but didn’t make too big a deal on the basis that I didn’t want queer future applications. Like it or not, politics plays a big part, and you don’t want to put offside the people making the decision on you. I left work feeling bitter though, and not a little trapped, and on the way home beat up an old lady. I felt better after that and came to work Thursday feeling almost carefree.

Then yesterday the HR lady contacts me again out of the blue. Can you send us your CV please? And your application again? Soon?

No explanation, and I wasn’t about to tempt fate by asking for one, and so sent off the docs she was after.

What I reckon has happened is that my manager spoke to her manager who spoke to someone in HR and hey presto, applications are open again, just for me. I don’t hold high hopes of it. I figure it’s probably tokenistic and that I’ll be at the bottom of the list of candidates, even assuming they haven’t yet short-listed.

Then as I’m leaving work last night I notice a SMS had come through from a friend. He had been speaking to an IT manager at one of the iconic Australian brands who was looking for a BA. My friend mentioned me, and upon request sent me the phone number of the IT guy to speak to. I called and it went through to voicemail, and left a message. I think it inappropriate and rude to call people on work matters in their own time, so I’ll try again Monday.

From the job description I’m not a perfect fit for the role, but a personal recommendation counts for a lot.

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