Stick it up ’em

All I want to say is that yesterday brought the best news for a long time. I don’t write about it a lot these days, but I’m still a passionate supporter of the Essendon Football Club. Like so many I remain steadfast and determined that we should rise again. Like so many the events of recent years have left me bitter and cynical, but I’m inspired to overcome that. Stick it up ’em, sums up my attitude.

It’s an apt sentiment after Michael Hurley re-signed yesterday for a 5 year extension of his contract, after being widely (and happily) reported that he would walk. I was always pretty confident he would stay – everyone else so far, and he’s a very loyal, heart and soul kind of player. The news yesterday is a huge poke in the eye to the rabble who represent the AFL media, and a great fillip for the club.

This year could have been completely disastrous. It hasn’t been what you would have hoped, but after the events of February better than it could have been. In fact it’s been a reasonably positive year.

We’ve only won 2 games, but we’ve played with spirit and passion. More importantly the young players on the list have been exposed to top level competition and come along in leaps and bounds. The blended team next year – the current and the returning – will be a formidable unit, and there’s good reason to expect meaningful success in the next few years.

I don’t forget what’s happened. I still yearn for justice, or even truth, but I’m sceptical we’ll ever have it. The ban on the players was the result of a manipulated decision. It was contrived to set a precedent, regardless of the merits of the case. We were set-up from day one, and the players in particular, and the club more generally – and us, the supporters – have been made to feel the consequences.

Well the best revenge is to stay strong, and to achieve success. We’re well on the way to that, and the signing of Hurley is an indication of things to come. Despite all, we’re on the way up. Let the haters hate. It’s a small man’s pleasure. And then lets rub their noses in it.

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