Where I’m living next

I have about a month to go till I must move out. I haven’t found a place to move into yet. I applied for a place last week and missed out. I visited another place yesterday small and smelling of mildew priced well over the top but I may apply for that anyway.

There are few places to see, much less than last time I looked, in March last year. Back then I would race between properties, visiting ten or twelve every Saturday. It’s nearing winter and the change of season makes a difference. Comparatively speaking I’m looking at two, maybe three properties a day. It’s tough because the constraints I face effectively filter the suitable properties to just about fuck all.

I’m limited by dollars, which knocks out about half the market. I lose another 50% because I’m limited to properties with an enclosed outdoor area, because of Rigby. Officially my licence is suspended next week (which makes house hunting problematic), which means ideally I’m looking for a home close to public transport and walking distance to shops.

I reckon my chances of having somewhere to move into before having to move out are 50/50, and that’s taking a positive view. The irony is that even should I find a place I don’t have the money to move in. I reckon I’m about $1,500 short. I’m proceeding on the basis that I’ll find a way when I have to, or won’t.

In the meantime I’m packing boxes, because the one thing I do know is that I have to move out. I’m about halfway through.

The one remotely positive thing is that I job came up on the internal job board which I’m well qualified to apply for. It’s an interesting prospect paying more than double what I’m earning now.I’ve done all aspects of the role, and I even have the industry experience they desire. What goes against me is that I need the approval of my manager to apply, and theoretically require 6 months in the job before qualifying for that. I wonder also the attitude towards someone applying from the customer service floor – this is an executive role. It shouldn’t matter, but it will matter somehow – possibly in my favour.

As I keep on saying, I only need one small thing to change for everything to be different. If I earn just $5,000 more than most of my immediate problems would greatly simplify.

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