Keep at it

I got the news before that I missed out on a job I interviewed for last week. It was quite a modest job, though better than the job I’m in. While the money wasn’t great, but it was a nice increase over what I’m earning now – enough to suggest that I could live more comfortably should I get it, and perhaps even pay off some debt. The office is only 2.8km from my front door, which would have been very nice. And finally it was with a fast growing and highly professional company I’d love to work for – these things count.

I was surprised to find myself invited in for an interview. It was one of those jobs I apply for on spec. The role itself was doing something I have no experience in, but, as I argued, I have general experience and the skills to adapt to the role. The other thing I had to convince them of was that the role was not too junior for me – but then I’ve had practice at that conversation in recent times.

So I got the interview and it seemed to go well. The most contentious question was why would someone with a CV like mine want to do such a job? I answered in the usual way and left thinking that one of the interviewers really liked me, but that the other was wary of my superior experience.

I was reasonably confident all the same. It’s my default position, but at least I knew that I was on the shortlist already. Another three were being interviewed. I figured that I was the outlier, the speculative what-if, and that the ultimate decision would come down to a philosophy. I couldn’t compete directly with someone who has experience doing that role, but then I had other things to offer a company big on business process and innovation – which formed a big part of our conversation. Picking me was a tick for the future, but would they do that?

I got the word a little while ago that they wouldn’t. I’d been unsuccessful. The job had gone to someone ‘very experienced’. Well that was fair enough, but I felt the disappointment deeply. No matter how many times you go through the process and how jaded there’s always hope, and even expectation. It’s hard when those hopes are dashed.

It’s something I’ll get over within a few hours, but this brief episode has highlighted just how tough I’m doing it. I started to imagine the difference what a really quite modest salary increase would make to my life. I’ve had a bad back for the last few weeks – I’m bent over sometimes – and I thought, well, I can get something done about that. Now I can’t. C’est le vie.

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