Monsters and friends

I’m dreaming so much lately that it’s disrupting my sleep. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t dreaming, but the last couple of weeks have been particularly intense. Thursday last week it was so full-on that I ended up sleeping late. That’s unheard of for me. I don’t use an alarm clock. but my body clock is so reliable that I wake up within one or two minutes of the same time each weekday morning. But not Thursday. When I opened my eyes proper it was 7.40 – and I had to catch the 7.50 train.

I was at it again last night. First was a monster dream. It was in some post apocalyptic world in which monsters roamed. There were only a few human beings left, and for some reason we had been divided into three-man teams deployed to scour the city, and take our chances with the monsters.

In the first part of the dream we were moving through a large city set by a river. For some reason in my mind I had it labelled as Paris, though it didn’t resemble it. In the second part we had found our way to an abandoned hotel where we met up with another three-man team. While we were there we got warning that a monster was coming our way. Rather than banding together to fight the monster we scattered, each of us to an empty room, waiting for the monster to come.

The understanding was that the monster would get at least one of us, but by scattering the who of it become a bit of a lottery. We were boxed in, the corridors taking a basic P shape, with the monster coming towards us by the stem. Most scattered into rooms along the stem, while I went further, taking an inside room around the other side. We all waited for the monster to come, and for the sounds of some wretched soul being eaten alive.

The dream never quite progressed to that stage, with my dream mind instead focusing on the best strategy to deal with a situation like this. Hiding in a room seemed a trap that left you with no options. In those particular circumstances I favoured instead staying mobile, loitering near the head of the P and waiting to see which side the monster would come, and evading him that way.

The next dream was sketchy, except I know it featured the friend I parted with on Thursday. There was no reference to that. In the dream he was as he used to be, warm and caring. It’s no surprise I dreamt of him. I’ve thought much about what happened – losing a long-term friend is no easy thing. I believe in being decisive – anything less tends to make things messy – but I regret that I gave him no warning of what I felt. Things have been bad for some time, and it’s something I have considered for nearly a year, but still I think I should have given told him first how close I was to pulling the pin. (Now I have to figure out what the right thing to do is – but suspect the damage can’t be undone, and perhaps should be left to lie).

There were other dreams too, a night full of them. The result is each day I don’t feel quite as rested as I should.

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