Moving on

Had a falling out yesterday with one of my oldest friends which I think may be permanent. It was not a surprise – it’s been coming for a long while – but it’s still sad. Life’s too short to be losing friends, but sometimes it’s better to let it go.

More than that I won’t say, except that it seems in tune with the times.

About a week ago I heard that my potential start-up partner was pulling out. Since we’d met in January he had bought out his partner in the software company they ran. I wasn’t surprised when he confessed that he was too busy for now to proceed on the project with me. It was a bump, but not a serious one. In the aftermath I found myself more determined than ever, and have forged on.

I’m considering my options about sourcing another partner, but in the meantime have to get a move on with more pressing matters. I’m in the process of completing an application for funding. Technically my project fits very well the funding criteria, except that right now there is nothing more than some thoughts put on paper. I have to find someone who can build a prototype mock-up, and am meeting on Monday with someone who can help with some of the administrative side.

This Easter weekend I have set myself to close within a few pages of completing the second draft of the novel. That’s what I’ll be doing directly after this. I figure I’m about 30 pages off, but many of those 30 pages need not much more than a spit and a polish, and I should be able to move quickly. It’s the last 10 pages that will really require my close attention, but I hope to have made a start on them by the time Easter has ended.

The possible job looks like it has gone by the wayside, to no-one’s surprise, but I’ve found a few jobs I’ll be applying for before Tuesday. Need to get that moving.

For whatever reason I feel the need to set some deadlines. One of those concerns my stomach muscle problem. I can’t go on like I am. I can’t do any meaningful exercise, and I’m constrained in many of my simple daily activities. The various tests revealed nothing, and I was finally referred to a physio who I can’t afford to see. I have to find a solution because it has become a lifestyle issue. I don’t know how to manage it, but I have to find a shortcut. I’ll be reaching out to my network.

I think I’m going to discontinue my internet dating profile, mainly because I’m suspicious of the process. That forces me to be more proactive on the ground. There’s a woman at work interested in me. Amazingly, and very fortunately, she’s the only woman in the place I’d be remotely interested in. What complicates is that a) it’s work, and b) she’s senior (who isn’t?). It’s not a priority, but it’s something I want to get sorted in the next 6 months, whether it’s with her or someone else.

At some point in the next 3-4 months my next home becomes an issue to. My circumstances will dictate what I can do, but ideally I can manage one of two ideal outcomes: either I return in some form to my old neighbourhood close to the Cheeses, and to the milieu I belong in; or else I go back further, back to some inner city digs close to the bars and restaurants and cafes of yore, a tram ride out of the city. That’s my preferred option and I’m putting it out there.

Motion is lotion.

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