New republic, new flag

Happy Australia Day, whether you be an Aussie or not.

Pretty typical Australia Day by the looks, bright and warm. Later will fire up the barbie and crack a few beers.

Wanted to make a comment. There’s been some recent agitation towards an Australian republic. It will happen someday, don’t know when, but the sooner, the better. It’s good that it’s back on the agenda.

The other thing related that’s getting a smaller amount of air time is a new Australian flag. Seems odd, but reckon the republic is the more likely option. There are many asinine arguments against both, but they’re particularly banal – and therefore deeply held – when it comes to the Australian flag.

Nevertheless, I think a new flag is an inevitability also. Hopefully, we can do better than the Kiwis. My nomination is this, surely one of the most beautiful flags in the world:

Beautiful Aussie flag

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