The Big Sleep

Scientists Pat and Peter Shaw died recently in a suicide pact. Their daughters tell the story of their plan – and their remarkable lives.

Source: The Big Sleep

Not sure if this is a sad story. It’s a fascinating story for sure, and I’m entirely sympathetic to it, as I’m sure many other Australians would be too.

For me euthanasia is a no-brainer. If you’re in pain and suffering from a terminal illness then it should be your right to end your life on your terms, and at a time of your choosing. It’s something my mother wanted to do, but was unable to.

This story is not about euthanasia though. It’s about a couple well accomplished Australians who, recognising their physical and mental decline, have chosen to leave life rather than persist in an existence less than it was, and knowing it was only going to decline further.

I support this. It’s dignified to leave life like this. You’ve lived a full and happy life. You have no complaints. Your desire is to part with it on your terms, and at a time when it feels right. You make your peace with the decision, you say your goodbye’s to family and friends, and then with dignity you take your leave.

There shouldn’t be a stigma. It should be accepted as a part of the cycle of life.

Worthwhile read. Worth having your thoughts provoked by it.

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