Call it synchronicity

No matter what’s happening with you, life continues, it bumps along, things happen, develop, fade away, change. Even when you reckon you’re in a rut, good or bad, there’s no real stasis.

I thought this last night driving home from a meeting I had in North Melbourne. It was about 6pm on a day that had hit 42 degrees. I walked out of my meeting and looked at the sky, which was eerie. The wind blew, a golden glow set over the city, obscuring it from view though I was only a couple of k’s away. Was it smog? It was the wrong colour, and anyway, there was no smell of it. Turns out it was a dust storm whipped up by a change coming through.

It was enough to set a tone, and after the meeting, for my mind to wander speculating on how things evolve.

Last week I contacted someone I met first about five years ago. I met him at a networking function, and in the ensuring 2-3 years we probably caught up another 3-4 times, and at one stage agreed to look out for each other in terms of work – which came to naught. He has his own software development company, small, but established now for 15 years. I hadn’t him for a couple of years until last night, and it was only by chance that he came to mind.

I thought of him as I was casting around for someone to partner with me on one of the ventures I have in mind. There’s one venture, in particular, I’m passionate about because I think it’s a great idea that addresses a gap in the market, and the time is right for it. And so on spec, I sent him an email last week telling I was looking for partners – could he help?

We met at a pub in North Melbourne and over an ice-cold beer caught up on the intervening years. Then I told him about my idea. It was the moment of truth. I think it’s good. Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s good. But this was a guy experienced in tech start-ups – what would he think?

He’s a funny fellow with some strange ideas, but he’s very knowledgeable and clever. He’s switched on to, and one of those people – a bit like me – who appreciates ideas. He looked at me as I explained my proposal, and at the end of it said he was a believer in patterns. There’s a symmetry in the world. At this stage, I wasn’t quite following, but hopeful. Then he told me about an idea he’s carried since 1997.

As it turns out, his idea is different from mine but compatible. More importantly, they can use the same platform. That’s what he meant by patterns. He was planning to finally do something about his idea when I come along. Call it synchronicity – in any case, we were meant to meet and discuss this, and potentially become partners.

My notion is more ambitious and sophisticated than his original notion, but they fit well together and most importantly are philosophically consistent. There are no guarantees of anything – in fact, it remains more likely that nothing will happen than something. But for now, it’s on track.

He’s going away to assess the tech and infrastructure requirements required. We’re basically agreed on the approach. We need to build a prototype, get some funding, a marketing budget, and a figurehead to reprint the idea. After that comes sponsorship, etc., and world domination. That’s the idea.

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