Summer nights

I’ve just returned from taking Rigby for a walk. Unless you’re up and about for the sales, or off to the cricket, Boxing Day seems always to be a quiet day. That’s how I like it, and how I reckon many others do to – the calm after the storm. Unsurprisingly I saw no-one while I was about, and though a few cars went by, it’s quiet.

It’s a cool and windy day, after two days hot and windy. It was hot an uncomfortable last night. I went to bed late, but the temperature showing in my bedroom was 27 degrees. I cranked up the fan and the portable cooler and struggled to sleep, and as always when sleep is light my mind swirled with half-conscious dreams.

It was hard work, and so hard that Rigby eventually gave up trying. His dearest desire in life is to be where his daddy is, preferably touching. Come bed time he’ll bound onto the bed expectantly and sleep slouching against my body.

Last night it was too hot for that, and ultimately too hot even to stay in the same room. At about 1am he defongerated. About an hour later I figured he knew better than I did and I joined him.

Unfortunately my bedroom is the hottest room in the house. It’s the one place the air-con doesn’t reach. So I whipped the sheet from my bed, picked up my pillow and trooped to the living room. Rigby was ensconced on the couch already, his head raised and tail wagging as he saw me come to join him. I swooshed him off and turned on the air-conditioning, then wrapped myself in the sheet and lay on the couch.

Unfortunately the couch is about 18 inches short of accommodating my fully prone body, but I managed to contrive a position I was half comfortable in, grateful for the cool air. Rigby watched all this, and when I was done jumped up and ever so cleverly (as he does) made himself comfortable in the thin sliver available to him.

We slept like that until about 6 am. It wasn’t a comfortable sleep. For most of the night my head was in an unnatural position and when I sat up I had a sore neck. Rain had come, and I went to check my bedroom, where the temperature had dropped to 21 degrees. Good enough.

I trapped my sheet and pillow and contrived an untidy looking bed, glad to be on a mattress again. Naturally Rigby came to join me.

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