The day before Christmas

I braved the world this morning fighting for a car space and rubbing shoulders with the multitude of last minute shoppers on this hot Christmas/Festivus eve. I made it back after purchasing a last minute gift, some wrapping paper, and the odd groceries I was missing needed to celebrate this festive season.

Tomorrow will be quiet for me, and it suits me fine.

I’m off to my sisters early to catch up with her kids, and to cook a very special breakfast/brunch for them. I’ll be home by the middle of the day.

Originally I was going to have lunch with the Cheese’s, but they chose to head off on their Christmas holiday early. I was invited to join them them down Wye River, but other commitments, and Rigby, make it impossible.

Instead I’ll make a special day of it myself, and I’m kind of looking forward to it. I’ve got a turkey breast in the fridge, and all the veggies, not to mention a Christmas putting with sauce, donated by the Cheese’s, as was the turkey). It’s going to be a hot day tomorrow, mid-thirties, but that won’t stop me from going the full and traditional Christmas meal. Think I’ll even crack open a bottle of bubbles.

I did have another invitation for dinner tomorrow night with my aunt/uncle and cousins. They live 90 minutes away though, and driving in the dark with a few glasses seems an unwise notion. Besides, sad to say, I’d rather not.

Last couple of Christmas days for me have been pretty miserable. Part of the problem has been that I’ve gone through the motions of Christmas. I did things I thought I should do, and what other people expected of me. It made it inauthentic though, and I felt it to the core.

No more pretending, no more faking it, I’ll have Christmas this year on my terms – as I promised last year. Small is fine, as long as it’s true.

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