Unlikely work

You want to know how bizarro the recruitment world is?

I mentioned the other week how I was in the running for a consulting job in Sydney. I pretty dismissive of my prospects, and viewed the fact that I might be considered as a bit of a joke. After all, the job advertised was he same pretty much as I did about ten years ago, but I hadn’t worked in that area since then, and had no meaningful exposure to the product for 7-8 years. Plus, it was in Sydney.

It’s the way of these things that the most likely ends up being nothing, and the least likely becomes almost possible. I’ve applied for many jobs over the journey I’d be ideal for, and got absolutely nowhere. There’s an element of the random in that – no guarantee that your CV will even be seen, let alone your application reviewed. Then there have been jobs I could do but am basically a mismatch for, and which I am seriously considered a contender.

I’m not even sure this Sydney job falls into that category, but by some strange chain of circumstance I’m not only for the running for this job still, I’ve made the shortlist – and that’s without being interviewed yet.

I must commend the recruiters advocacy. He’s on his summer break, but rings me every few days to update me, and to report how he’s pushing my candidacy. I listen with a wry smile, hardly believing anything can come of it. But now something has.

I’m interviewing tomorrow for the job, and doing a prep for the interview with the recruiter this afternoon. It’s all very serious suddenly.

There is a twist to this tale. The CEO of the company is apparently got his own method of finding the right person. He has his own ideas, quite strongly held it appears. Nothing wrong with that at all, you have to have confidence in your method and judgement.

Apparently when my CV graced his desk he reported back to the recruiter that he knew me. Apparently we worked at the same company when I was living in Brisbane – presumably he was in the Sydney office.

Here’s the thing though – I have absolutely no memory of him. I wouldn’t know him from a bar of soap, and his name doesn’t ring even the smallest of bells. Whatever he remembers of me can’t be bad obviously, but I wish I could remember him.

The last irony is that when I got wind of this job I contacted my manager from back in those days. He’s a great bloke and we still keep in contact. I asked for the low-down and he had none, never having heard of the company. I should have followed up with the guys name – he must remember him – but I haven’t.

So, it’s all a bit strange, and becoming ever so much more likely – no matter how unlikely that is. It presents a potential dilemma to me. I have no interest in relocating to Sydney, and the role, if it’s as mooted, has limited interest to me, but… It’s a real job, with real money, and an opportunity to get back on the circuit. What to do?


PS (24/12): the interview didn’t happen. I got a call yesterday informing me the CEO was too busy to interview me, and that it would have to be re-scheduled to next year. I went along with it, but basically, scratch one job. Situation normal.

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