Staying cool

Took Rigby for his first walk in three days this morning. We were out at about 8am to beat the heat, but it was already hot even then. It’s tipped to be 41 degrees, after three days in the mid-thirties, and another forecast tomorrow.

That’s unusually hot for this time of year. I don’t mind the heat, but it’s a bit much when you get five days in a row of it. It’s make for tough sleeping and generally indoor living. I have-aircon, but it’s only a mid sized unit well away from the bedroom. I can manage, it’s Rigby I worry about.

These stretches of hot days in a row seem to becoming more common. Classic Melbourne used to be a fucking hot day followed by a day half the temperature. That’s a part of Melbourne’s charm. That still happens (I alternated almost daily through November from doona to blanket on the bed), but more frequently we’re getting three, four, five hot days in a sequence.

If I could wave a magic wand I’d be happy for every day to have a high of something between 24-29 every day, and a comfortable low of 15, or thereabouts. Among other things I find it hard to write when it’s too hot. I’m just not as creative because the conditions aren’t conducive to reflection.

Today will be one of those very unpleasant Melbourne days, not just hot, but windy too. I’ll be in all day after getting my shopping all done by 9.30. Tonight I’m off to the Cheese’s to watch the soccer and have a beer. That’s one thing to be said for weather like this, it’s great beer weather.

With that in mind Cheeseboy and I had a lovely evening last night sampling some excellent beers at a new bar/brewery in Cheltenham, Bad Shepherd. Excellent.

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