Lost voices

Been going through my iTunes library tidying up the genre’s, and consolidating into maybe 10-15 broad genre’s rather than having a 101 specific, and occasionally obscure genre classifications.

Anyway, going through that and you come across odd bits and pieces.

There were a few odd named files which I opened to find out what they were. To my surprise my mum’s voice came through the speakers. I had forgotten that some years ago, when she knew she was dying, that she set about recording some stories for the kids.

She used to read to them, my nephew particularly, and he was distraught when he discovered she was dying. To help him after she left she began to record some of his favourite stories to listen to after she was gone.

I’m not sure how they got on my iTunes. I presume, though can’t remember, that I formatted them for her, and quite possibly burnt them onto a CD.

Whatever the reason, it was a surprise to hear her voice again coming up to 3 years after her death. I listened, recognising her vocal idiosyncrasies, her voice warm and intimate and terribly familiar coming through the speakers. I hadn’t heard that voice for years, and here it was again, suddenly and unexpectedly.

The other file was of a reading I had just last year. It’s one of those things you do for fun, talk about for 5 minutes, then forget.

I’m listening to it again right now. It has curiosity value. What do you need to know?

  • Well sometime in the next 6-8 months I’ll get an offer from someone I did some work for some time ago. I don’t think highly of them, but it will work out and lead towards consulting abroad (and home), which will be very successful. May also be some work for the government.
  • I may never formally retire.
  • I’ll have another business, and continue to be entrepreneurial.
  • I’ll hook-up with a curvy brunette with olive skin. She’ll be between 10-20 years younger than me. She’ll be the one. She’ll be interesting and individual, creative and working in a related field. She’ll have some interesting friends I may not fancy altogether, and by the sounds of it is probably a vegetarian.

Time will tell. Check me in 5 years.

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