Don’t judge me

It’s true, two of my least favourite songs of all time – songs other people seem often to cherish – are Imagine by John Lennon, Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

Both are too stomach-lurchingly trite and saccharine for my tastes. If I hear them I turn them off before I start to grumble too much. Let’s face it, they’re both pretty puerile, even if the sentiments are noble.

The thing is, I love other stuff by them. John Lennon is a better songwriter than that, and a legend. By himself, minus the Beatles, I’ve got eight songs of his on my iTunes.

As for Satchmo, he’s a great too. I’ve got a few of his solo stuff on iTunes, and many collaborations – with Ella Fitzgerald and Streisand, and others who he did work with.

Does this make me a cold-hearted Grinch? Maybe.

2 responses to “Don’t judge me

    • I get the sentiment Wesley, and I’m on board with it. It’s how it’s expressed that I take issue with.

      Everyone’s different, and have different tastes. For me these are just a bit too cloyingly sentimental. I think it can be done better, and more authentically, and has been.


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