Counting chickens

This morning I headed into the city to attend an ‘assessment’ for a customer service role. There were seven of us, and we were required to complete one group task, an individual interview, and be tested taking some mock calls.

I have to be honest, I find these things difficult because they always feel phoney and contrived. I’m self-conscious, not because I’m being examined by others, but because it feels so cheesy. I’m there watching myself doing these things, rather than just simply doing them.

They are a necessary evil, however, and a standard methodology it seems. I managed to complete it all without any issues, except to wonder if in the interview stage if I came across as too senior for the role. They want behavioural examples, and the majority of my stories were corporate. That’s my experience.

Anyway, I walked away thinking I was a chance, but unconvinced. I can’t help feeling quite different, because I am, and I’m sure I must come across that way. In a role like that I tend to think it’s a negative. Customer service people seem to be of a type, chatty, warm, happy to small talk, devoted to their job. I’m more angular. I’m pretty easy and don’t mind chit-chat, but I don’t mind silence either. I’m bolder. And I’m very independent.

We were told we’d know by end of day tomorrow if we were successful, but I got a call just as I got home. They told me I was in, subject to a reference check and police clearance. That shouldn’t be an issue, so presumably I’ll be in the job come January – but not counting my chickens yet.

Speaking of chickens, I’d started my research into possible certifications, only to be told last night that my potential benefactor had changed their mind. It’s disappointing, but I understand, and in a way I’m relieved. It’s uncomfortable being in debt to friends. I’ll just have to find another way.

It follows a pattern though. Seems like many times over the last few months I’ve had notions and the offer of support, only to have the support withdrawn. It’s been frustrating, particularly when I’ve done a bit of prep, but I deal with it and move on. I don’t expect anything from anyone. If I get help I’m grateful, and I’ve received a lot of help over the journey. There are limits though, and I understand that too.

Just to make things interesting, I got a call before about a job in Sydney one of the agencies want to put me forward for. Sure, I said, why not? I’d rather not move, but then I’d rather live on a full wage than half of one. I’m rusty in the area they’re looking at me for, but it’s their money – and I’ll pick it up again quick enough. Doubt it will happen though – too many hurdles.

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