What’s next?

I feel better now. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’ve staked out a position. It feels right because it feels right. I’m being true to myself.

Warm, fuzzy feelings are one thing, but pointless if there isn’t an action to follow-up. As it stands I’ve come up with three options.

My preferred option is to get back to using my brain in a meaningful way. I’ve got the tools, I just need to find a use for them. I could get a job, but I could win lotto too. Both seem as likely as the other these days. Somehow I’ve got to tilt the odds in my favour.

The best way I can see of doing that is to get some specific training, and in particular, a certification.

It’s only early days, but I’ve identified three areas of potential education:

  • Enterprise Architecture – I’ve been on the tail of this for a long time. It’s not unrelated to what I’ve done previously, and it’s an area I have an interest and a natural inclination towards. There’s a course I’ve been wanting to do for about 2 years, but couldn’t afford. In that time it’s an area that’s gone from promising to burgeoning.
  • Data Analytics – or, if you prefer, Big Data. This is a big area of growth, and in the same ballpark as areas I’ve worked in before. There are different aspects of this, but I’m interested in the data analysis more than development (hadoop) or admin.
  • Proof-reading & Editing – this takes it in another direction, away from the IT/business focus of my career so far, and towards something more personal. I can certainly do this, but it’s my least preferred option. I’d rather use my brain in every aspect, which means scientifically as well as creatively – I can be both. The courses above lead to more roughly ‘scientific’ careers; this one is more closely aligned to the creative, which I’m currently busy with in my writing. I like to be balanced, but end of day will make the best business decision.

The question is, why haven’t I done one of these courses previously? Well, because they cost money, and a fair bit of it. So, what’s different now? The difference now is that I called up a friend, swallowed my pride, and asked for a loan. I explained to him the logic of my thinking and he understood, and was sympathetic. Right now I have a conditional maybe.

Whatever course I do must be compact – something I can do in probably no more than a month – and must have a distinct and recognised certification attached to it. This is my chance to break the cycle. I have to do something different to get a different result.

The other options I’ve come up with are much less enticing. Basically they’re an acceptance that the old ways aren’t going to work anymore, so I have to change up my circumstances.

The first is leaving the city for the bush. Not sure how feasible this is. I can live cheaper in the bush, but there’s a lot less work – although that does seem to be academic. I’ve been looking around Victoria. Bendigo might be a good destination – a very pretty and civilised city with a train line to Melbourne. I have a friend living in Mullumbimby who’s offered me a place too stay. That might be an extreme option.

The final option is living and working overseas. This is something I may well have long before now except for Rigby. Love him to bits, but he just complicate things. He’s the same stumbling block now to this option, which otherwise I wouldn’t mind. I could live cheaper in Asia, and probably pick up some meaningful work without too much of an issue. But…

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