Late night movies

You know what I love? I love coming home after a night out with the vibe till in me and not ready for bed and turning on the TV and finding a great B grade movie about to start. That’s just about perfect. I love it just laying on the couch ultra-relaxed and in an easy frame of mind and watching a movie entertaining, but not too demanding. A good horror/crime/sci-fi is perfect, next best a comedy.

There are movies I actually categorise like that – movies I won’t watch prime-time, but are ideal in that come home late scenario.

I was out last night, one of the rare occasions these days, and actually had a conversation about it with JV. We were sat the Two Brother’s brewery in Moorabbin, basically in the the middle of nowhere – nowhere being factories and warehouse and not a residence in sight. It was surprisingly lively. We had a couple of beers and for some reason or another I began to espouse my love for the late night movie.

JV, I believe, was sympathetic, but made the point that those days are long gone for him. As a husband and father it was to bed he went after a (rare) night out because likely as not he’d be woken before dawn by a child wanting attention.

I grunted some semblance of understanding, but when we parted I drove the short distance home and settled myself on the couch. I thought about watching The Friends of Eddie Coyle (old movies are often excellent late night watching), but ultimately settled on The Usual Suspects.

It must be said, The Usual Suspects is not an ideal late night film. While it’s entertaining, and a minor classic, it takes too much thinking. In fact it’s one of those rare movies that no matter how many times you’ve seen it (about three times for me) it still bears some puzzling.

I enjoyed it. I had that slight beer buzz going. Outside it rained on and off. After joining me on the couch for a bit Rigby eventually headed off to bed – my bed. I nestled into the leather with a cushion under my head and wondered, who the fuck is Keyser Soze?


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