Crossed the Rubicon

Over the last week I’ve binge-watched a TV series from 2010 never showed in Oz called Rubicon.

I got onto it through watching re-runs of The Pacific. The character of Leckie in that is played by James Badge Dale. I looked him up on IMDB one day and found he had starred in a very highly regarded series called Rubicon that I’d never heard of before.

On a whim I downloaded the series to check it out, and was hooked.

Basically it’s espionage type series set in NYC. It’s mysterious and shadowy and smart. It’s just my kind of show. I watched the last 5 episodes of it yesterday, and it was only marred by a poor last 20 minutes.

Unfortunately this was a series that was not renewed, and it shows in the last episode. All the story-lines and loose-ends that might carried over into a second series, possibly via a cliffhanger, were instead all tied up and resolved, often quite clumsily. It works after a fashion, but it was disappointing.

It makes me wonder how many other good shows we never get to see here in Oz. I’ll let you know. I’m now downloading another called Caprica – this time sci-fi (alas, another that lasted only a single season).


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