Before the bomb goes off

If my life were a movie right now it’d be a race against time. The hero is trying to beat the clock, the seconds ticking down one by one while he does his heroic stuff striving to save the world from catastrophe. In the movie we always manages to get it done just in the nick of time. Real life is not quite so safe.

I am racing against the clock. In about 2 weeks I have to pay the rent, which right now I’m well short of. Unless something changes then the rent goes unpaid, which inevitably means I have to defongerate – where to, I have no idea.

Now I’m doing all my heroic things to try and prevent that, but unfortunately pretty well every strategy I have and tactic I’m employing won’t come up with the necessary in that time frame. The clock will tick down to zero and the bomb will go off – or at least I’ll be homeless.

So right now I’m trying to find a way to get that extra $1000 I need to get the rent paid. That buys me time – another month to find a longer term solution.

One my options is one I mooted a couple of weeks ago. For me personally it’s like going to deacon 4, but needs must if it comes to that. Basically it’s the option where I open the doors of the house and declare everything on sale – make me your best offer. I was planning it for this weekend, but that won’t work. If I don’t come up with another solution by then it’ll happen the weekend after.

In the meantime I’m scurrying around trying to manufacture potential income.

Since I last discussed it one option has fallen off the table, but another has presented itself.

At the moment I’m in discussions with suppliers to provide goods I can purchase and import and sell for 4-5 times more than what I purchased them for. Sounds easy, and is a staple of capitalism through the ages, but there are risks. For a start I have to pick the right products. I’ve got bugger all money to invest in it, so have to start small and prudent. And even it goes gang-busters it’s not likely to post much of a return before the end of the year.

I’ve also resurrected my mentoring idea. That’s very long term, and quite big actually, but I’m very fond of the concept and have a potential partner lined up.

Not that I want to do it much, but there’s also some potential for some freelance telemarketing on a commission basis. If there’s enough work I might sub-contract some of it out and spoon up the cream.

Then there’s my writing. I’ve been racing ahead in the last week, though taking a break today because I need to get away from it. I’ll write about it more comprehensively down the track, for now suffice to say I’m satisfied with the progress. Keep it up and I’ll have a second draft finished in about a month.

I’ve made inquiries regarding publishers and agents, but have decided that I’ll first publish it as an e-book through Amazon. That way I can hopefully get some easy sales, and most of the dollars are mine. It allows me to tweak a third draft also, which is the version I’ll seek to get published proper.

I’m confident I can eventually put together a bunch of different income sources sufficient to pay my way. That’ll take a bit of work and a lot of enterprise (and imagination), and it won’t happen overnight. The trick now is survive long enough to get there. I need to get that bomb defused.


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