Joe Hockey’s biggest failure was his loyalty to Tony Abbott

To mangle Shakespeare, nothing in Joe Hockey’s treasurership became him like no longer being it.

Source: Joe Hockey’s biggest failure was his loyalty to Tony Abbott


Very little to disagree with in this piece. I’m frequently disillusioned with our parliamentary system. Most recently it was yesterday, partly because of Hockey’s predictably self-serving speech, but mostly because of the reaction to it.

Rank hypocrisy is standard in politician’s today. It was on show once more when good ol’ Joe was given a standing ovation at the end of his speech by the parliamentary chamber, including from those who have spent the last couple of years denigrating him. Perhaps it’s a polite convention, but it’s dishonest, and in its own way, self-congratulatory. I saw it and my stomach turned.

I hear a lot about what a good bloke Joe is. They say the same about Abbott. As if being a ‘good bloke’ excuses everything.

I have no doubt that Joe is good company, is probably a decent man at heart, is reasonable and diligent and all the rest of it. There are thousands of people like that. The world is full of ‘nice’ people – pleasant, kindly, inoffensive folk. That’s great.

Being a good bloke doesn’t absolve Joe from what he has done. In fact it makes it worse in ways, which are highlighted in his speech. At best you could say he was weak when he shouldn’t have been.

It doesn’t matter how nice, or decent, or how good a bloke you are if your actions say different. Being nice is a civilised but superficial construct. It’s your actions that count, not your smile or pretty words. By that measure Joe Hockey failed.

Good luck to him, but let’s not re-write history just to be kind.


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