Doing it for myself

Having resolved my options over the weekend I felt much better for it. Being decisive, even when the decision is unpalatable, feels much better than simply letting things take their course. I’ve already begun to arrange the next steps – should it come to that.

The trick is making sure it doesn’t come to that. It’s fine to have plans ready for the worst case scenario, but until the time comes you want to strive still to achieve the best case scenario. That’s where I’m at.

I’ve concluded, belatedly, that it’s very unlikely that I’ll be getting a job back in my old trade without outside help. While that might include intervention by the big fella upstairs, I’m aiming more prosaically at my extended network of friends and acquaintances. I may luck upon a job by myself, but evidence suggests I’m almost wasting my time trying that. I need help, and that’s pretty well the only way it’s going to happen.

You can’t rely on luck, and while I’ll continue to go through the motions I must look elsewhere. More and more it seems to me that if the world won’t provide then you have make provision for yourself. Basically it means if the world won’t provide paid work, then you have to create the work the world is willing to pay for.

I started down that route a long time ago. At that time I was merely enterprising. Now I’m desperate. And so while I’ve resurrected my consulting business to attract work, I’m now looking further and further abroad.

I met with a friend on Friday to discuss how he might be able to help me with my consulting to his customer base. He’s a genuine character and I expect something to come out of it, if only little. More likely is a possible partnership with another of his contacts – we’ll see how that pans out.

He’s an entrepreneurial character and it was good just talking about ideas and possibilities over a beer and a pub hamburger. There’s one or two things he asked if maybe I could help him out with. And as he described some of the things he was doing my mind whirred and I proposed things to him. If anything happens it’ll be small time, but forget the money, it’s nice to be mentally engaged.

Besides that I’ve got another potential partnership on the cards. It may give me some easy passive income over a long period, but the stumbling block right now is that I need an initial outlay. Working on that.

Otherwise I’m assessing an eBay store. I’ve got access to some items – thousands of them – that I can potentially flog online if the supplier agrees to a reasonable price. Have to be innovative with pricing packages. I think that’s 50/50, but it will take time to get going.

If I’m going that way then why not broaden it? I’m actively searching for a good, relatively cheap product(s) I can sell into the Australian market. I’m guessing something sourced from Asia which I can then create a store around. I’m all ears folks.

These are sketchy prospects, but in the absence of anything else, must do. I figure this is my only really chance of returning to somewhere near where I was before. It’s not about shifting the goal posts, just making them wider. I can’t rely on luck. Have to do it myself.


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