Had an odd situation play out on the romantic front this week.

Much as I desire, I’m not really looking. Still, that doesn’t stop things from happening, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve had a couple of encounters just because I had to. Basically, they caught up with me.

During the week I has having a conversation with one of them by SMS. In earlier conversations she had told me she was an architect, and made reference to something I had meant to follow up on. I finally did that the other day, asking if she knew so-and-so.

I haven’t seen so-and-so for about 5 years now, not since she got herself a permanent man and I was an unnecessary complication. I understood completely. Prior to that we’d known each other for about 10 years. We’d dated in that time, at first romantically, then later as friends. I always liked her a lot – a very warm, smart, funny woman with a big laugh and a quirky take on life. I haven’t seen her for a while, but still think of her fondly.

So anyway, I asked what was I thought a perfectly normal and innocuous question, and the response I got was strange and unexpected.

I kid you not, the first words typed in response were “O oh!” Then: “How do you know her?”

It was clear that she knew my former friend, which was no surprise. The surprise was the apparent alarm this query produced. As I typed my response I wondered if they were arch enemies or something. But what could something be?

I’ve not heard back from her. I explained in my reply how I had known so-and-so, making it clear that I had not seen or spoken to her in years. I downplayed it basically, though it was all true. No response.

What do you make of that? I wonder if she’s afraid I might find out things about her from so-and-so.

I’m curious naturally, and tempted to send another message seeking an explanation. Instead I think I’ll leave well enough alone, and this a mystery. I’ve got enough on my hands.

PS Had a dream last night where I attended a wedding reception. Sitting beside me was a blonde woman in her mid 30’s, attractive, bright, and seemingly fun to be around. I guess she was my partner for the night. The odd thing is that she very excitedly proposed marriage to me midway through the proceedings. In the dream I felt surprise. I was flattered and amused by the unexpected and unconventional nature of it. Whether I said yes or no I don’t know.

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