Domestic life

Domestic again. I admit there are some aspects of it I don’t mind, but in my circumstances much more that is disturbing.

I’ve been getting up at 6.40am in recent weeks to begin work at 7.30. At 6.40 today Rigby got restless knowing this was up time, but I just rolled over onto my other side and drowsed for another 45 minutes.

First thing I did after my shower was to head down the road to get a blood test, delayed from a few weeks back. I was required to fast, so had no coffee – or anything else – this morning. I was keen to get that out of the way early.

Back home I sat at my desk and began reviewing job opportunities, applying for a few.

I took a break nearing 12 and set about disposing of some bananas and pears that had gone ripe very quickly in the fruit bowl. I stewed the pears in muscat with water, sugar and a little nutmeg. It’s a concoction of my own, but figure it’ll go alright.

With the bananas I made a banana cake, baking as we speak. As it’s in the mid-30’s outside it’s not a great baking day, but these bananas weren’t going to last another day.

This afternoon I’ll look for some more work and hopefully do some writing too. At some point I have to sit down and just figure some things out. Easier said than done – hard to make a decision when there’s seems so little choice.

I really do need to make a call though. I’d prefer to do it in consultation with friends, but not sure it’s possible just now. It’s not that I’m unable to make a decision by myself, it’s just that I value another angle on things. It’s sensible practice.

No matter how flexible minded you are you can’t cover all contingencies simply because there are some your mind is not wired to consider. A second opinion is always worthwhile.

Unfortunately in my recent experience my friends tend to fall in either of two camps. Either it’s all gloom, or else just hang in there trusting that ‘something will happen’.

What I’m really looking for is a practical, considered alternative. Let me put it in context for you. Right now I’ve got the immediate option of looking to move out of this place because I can’t afford it – to where, I don’t know, but likely homeless.

Or else continuing in the hope that something will come up. I’d rather continue on, but not a fan of trusting that something will come up. I have to catalyse something to make things happen. Outside of the standard looking for work option I don’t know what more I can do that I’m not doing already. This is where I need another brain.

That’s today. Perhaps tomorrow something will come up. It’s been known to happen.


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