Today today

Have the day off. This morning I’m finally getting my ultrasound on my hernia. Then I’m off to the city for lunch with a friend, then catching up with a woman after at the NGV.

At some point I need to sit at my desk for a few hours at a stretch to catch up on things. I have to build a quick and dirty website for my consulting business (how grand that sounds!). In the absence of anything much else happening I’m resurrecting that, and have a lunch meeting next Friday regarding some potential clients.

I also have to source an adwords specialist via Guru or Elance. Forming a tentative partnership with Whisky to source and on-sell qualified leads to an industry niche. If it works well it might be worth a lazy grand or two a month, net, with virtually no effort. That’s the upper extreme. I’m not that optimistic, but expect there will still be an easy return if it gets off the ground.

Is that it? Well, I want to make an Indonesian curry too.


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