Send me your karma

I have to admit there have been occasions in the last 6 months I’ve thought how neat it might be to get a go fund me campaign going. It’s no secret I’ve been dire straits for a while. I’m barely scraping by, and that’s even with the help of friends. It’s just a passing fantasy, however. I can’t justify that kind of begging to ease what is no more than a case of unfortunate circumstances, bad luck, or sheer mismanagement. Take your pick. The only angle I would consider to assistance to help get my book written – but even that doesn’t wash for me.

So relax, I’m not about to ask for cash from you. What I want is something different again.

I’m a believer in karma, though I’m not sure why. The premise, I think, is that these things will balance out in the long run, particularly if you do the right thing. I’m still waiting for that blessed day when things turn around for me. Till then I continue to live by its precepts. I’m far from perfect, but believing in karma means that you strive to do good. You want to give good karma, even if it’s not returned. For me I find it humbling. This is what I want to be, this is how I want to live, this is what I want to believe in, independent of evidence – because it’s a worthy concept.

I still face an uphill battle. I’m still up for the challenge, but I won’t refuse any help along the way. And so what I ask is for you to send good karma my way, in your thoughts. I’m due, and without being precious about it, reckon I deserve a break or two going my way. I’ll return it, for ever and always.


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