Why I’m not writing

Not writing so much these days because much of my writing energy goes into the book I’m working on. That’s not just the physical act of writing – tapping out words on a keyboard – but the thinking that goes with it. The diverse and creative thinking that previously meant I would write about half a dozen subjects a week is now focused towards the singular creative act of writing a novel.

I’ve been through this situation before, and experience tells me it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It gets to a point where you can change mental channels. On one you’re still working on the book. On the other channel normal things spark the sort of commentary you’ve got used to reading here.

The definition of working is pretty loose. I could be sitting down watching TV and I’ll start thinking about what I’m writing and how to write it. I’ll get ideas and notions. I’ll sit there for a while hoping to tuck the ideas away in my memory bank. Occasionally I’ll get up to make a more permanent note of it.

It’s pretty much the same with the more loosely held stuff I write here. I’m happy, generally, for thoughts to cross into and out of my mind. If the time is opportune I’ll make a blog post out of it. If it isn’t, which is mostly, then I might write about if there’s some remnant of it left in my head. Most of the time it’s lost, for the moment anyway. I normally figure that if it’s worth anything it’ll come back to me.

One thing that does happen is that a lot of these thoughts are held in short-term memory. They’re not front of mind, but they’re not lost either. Often I’ll find weeks later that I join a few of these notions into one post. It almost seems like synchronicity sometimes, because what I write then is so much deeper, and more relevant (I think) than what I might have written in the first instance. That’s because these elements become linked, which adds perspective and context.

In any case the message here is that I’m not writing a lot right now, but expect normal service will resume shortly.

2 responses to “Why I’m not writing

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