Put your scarves out

Was driving into work today when I heard the news that Phil Walsh had been murdered. It’s a name that won’t mean much to people outside of Australia, but to the huge AFL huge community here it is a great shock. Phil Walsh was the coach of the Adelaide Crows. That’s a fucking high-profile role. He was also an interesting dude with a different outlook on life. He was an ex-player, as most coaches are, and a very handy one. He’s been in football since in some capacity, both an intense and quirky individual.

For a coach to die in the job would be a shock, but for him to be murdered – by his son, it appears – goes beyond shocking. It’s almost unbelievable. There’s talk now that the round of football will be suspended. I think that’s more than likely in some form, and probably the right thing.

I liked him. This is very sad.

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