75 days and counting

I’m coming up to my fourth month of a 6 month contract. I can’t expect an extension, and the option to progress into another role seems to be closed to me. It’s time to start making arrangements.

As of about 10 days ago I began looking for work elsewhere. I made a few calls, made connections, and applied for a couple of jobs. It would be nice if I could transition into another job when, or even before, my contract is up. Ideally it would be in a job when I could ply my proper trade again – which not only be deeply satisfying, but also much more financially rewarding.

That may or may not happen, but I can’t expect it to. I’m not a believer in being unprepared. If I can minimise chance I will, but ultimately luck, synchronicity, plays a part. This morning I’ve begun laying out my options for my life post this job. There’s some radical stuff there.

Option 1: small-time transition i.e. into another, similar role elsewhere. Not a preferred option, but better than doing nothing.

Option 2: big-time. Get back to what I know and have made a living off, high-end IT and business stuff, either consulting, contracting or FT. That will make for a much more comfortable lifestyle as I’d expect to earn at least double what I am now, and up to five times more. It would be good for the soul too. I’d be mixing it again in the milieu I know so well. Demanding, complex work in a competitive environment. I’d likely be working in the CBD, close to the bars and cafes and restaurants I love, and with money to spend in them. This remains a possibility, and possibly even an inevitably, but it’s right time, right place.

Option 3: survival mode. Neither of those options play out. I’m left empty-handed, desperate, and wondering what to do. This is subsistence living, just trying to survive. It probably means I’d have to move into the country, where it’s cheaper, and sell off what few remaining possessions I have just to get by. Still an issue getting the required seed money to make this move, and finding an income to sustain even such a basic lifestyle. This is a bleak option.

Option 4: re-invention. Is there something else I can be, or do? Think creatively, be bold. What left-field career options are out there for me? This is something I need to investigate further.

Option 5: overseas. Not really an option in the short-term, but beyond that, possibly so. If I can get by in the next few years then the prospect of moving overseas to somewhere cheaper is a possibility. In some ways it’s an alluring idea, but not something immediately feasible.

I think that’s about it, but I stand to be corrected. There are variables – unknown developments, like I might win the lottery or something. Or find a rich woman who will happily keep me. I’m counting on any of that, but am open to offers. The more practical variables relate to my writing, and a couple of private projects I have on the side. You never know how they might play out, but can’t really budget for anything more than a modest return from those ventures.

That’s where it stands. There’s about 75 days to play out. It’s scary. There’s a lot riding on this, and clearly a range of possible eventualities. The good is fine, but the bad doesn’t bare thinking about.


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