For the record I met with the IT manager last week and had a (potentially) productive discussion.

I bumped into the HR manager shortly before the meeting and she mentioned how he was excited to be meeting with me. I’d sent him an email outlining a few points, which had prompted him to look me up on LinkedIn. As he mentioned in our meeting, he was surprised to discover the diversity and depth of experience I have.

The meeting went on for about 45 minutes. I’d gone up with a list of things to discuss, but we never got around to that. Instead he talked for about 70% of the time explaining the current situation and what they planned for the future and how with my experience and expertise I might be able to help. It was almost as if he was pitching to me, and not the other way around.

I was surprised at how frank he was, which suggested a degree of trust inspired maybe by a shared background. I suspect a man in his position would welcome someone at a similar level to bounce ideas off. He has a bunch of people working for him, plus others coming in via merger, but most are helpdesk or sys admin types. We’re about the same age, different experiences but within the same ballpark, and were able exchange war stories with a knowing grin.

It was all very friendly and encouraging, and we parted with him asking if he could call upon me to assist – in particular with SharePoint, and intranet, and the customer portal I had suggest. Of course you can, I told him, and though I was happy with how it went it’s one of those things I’ll believe when it happens. Until he makes the call I’m cautious.


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