Bring a meat tray

It’s always frenetic preparing to move into a new home. For the last few days I’ve been busy arranging to get different services connected, coordinating with the removalists, running to the bank and meeting with the RE agent to sign papers and hand over bank cheques. Just about there, but still a few loose ends to tie up.

Once I’m moved in and settled I’ll also need to make adjustments to my lifestyle. Fact of the matter is that I’ll be on a very tight budget that won’t allow for any fat, or much fun. I’m going to have to be creative to get by, assuming I can’t find another source of income.

There are simple things I’ve already begun on. For a start no more take-away coffees – that should save $15-$20/week, but means I’m stuck with instant coffee in the office. Hmm. No bought lunches either. If I can’t bring lunch then I’ll go without.

I’m going to have to go cheap with the food at home too – I’m budgeting $30 a week, which is bugger all. I’ve been fixing a weekly meal for my hosts over the last month averaging out to about $40 spend for each (admittedly top shelf stuff), so that gives you some idea of the challenge. I have gourmet tastes I have to make more suburban. One word: mince.

Otherwise I have to be prudent with the use of electricity and other utilities. There’ll be minimal socialising, and no discretionary spend – and even with that will likely be short.

It’s a challenge. I’m curious to see how it’ll go.

I’m having a party soon after I move in. I was calling it a coming out party, but that’s too easily misconstrued. I’m now calling it a re-entry party – re-entry into mainstream life. My collection of red wine is open slather, but I might make a condition of entry – bring a tray of meat.


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