State of play

I’m due to start my new job on Monday. I’m still in Doreen, but check-out over the weekend, though to where I don’t know as yet.

Having a job in the pipeline makes a lot of things possible now, and encourages you to believe that other things might follow. Certainly that’s the way I’m thinking.

It’s funny, but also perfectly logical that once I have this job locked up that all these other potential opportunities pop up out of the woodwork. I’ve just got off the phone from one of the good recruiters sizing me up for an interesting role in a university in Sydney. Given certain circumstances it’s something I might be interested in, but those circumstances no longer prevail.

I’ve had other calls and contacts, with roles at Telstra mooted, but if it is to be then it has to be in 6 months time – though technically I’ve left myself open to unsolicited jobs.

Given my circumstances you’d expect I’d be desperately looking for somewhere to live in Melbourne by the time I begin work. That’s not going to happen at this stage, but I’ve been looking every day. I inspected a property last week, and the ever dependable Cheeses have checked out some properties for me in their neighbourhood.

One unforeseen complication (given my track record I don’t know why I don’t foresee these things) is that when I finally received my final payment on Friday it was $2,000 short. I can’t bring myself to explain why, but it has big implications. Basically that’s a month’s rent, or even a bit more – a buffer. I’m left with $4,000, which is barely enough to cover the first months rent, plus bond, but with nothing left over for the removalist, for the various costs associated with moving, not to mention such luxuries as food. It left me in a serious bind.

I needed to find somewhere to live, but couldn’t afford it – even as I began work. I thought perhaps if I work for a couple of weeks living somewhere then I could use that income to add to my kitty.

Then I saw a property that changed my thinking. My basic requirements are that the place needs to be a good size to accommodate all my stuff, and I need a secure yard for Rigby. These are things that add dollars to the cost. Then I found an old house around the corner from where the Cheeses live, the right size and with a yard – and a weekly rent of just $400. Obviously that means it’s pretty basic, if not a tad careworn. It was food for thought, but what clinched it is that the lease term was just 6 months. Hello, I thought, take it on the chin for 6 months, conserve my money, and in 6 months time review my situation in the hope that I’m better off and can afford a better place. Plus, this place is available now, can move in next week.

I called the agent this morning, and waiting for the call back which was due 3 hours ago. Real estate agents are lazy fucks, right up there with news corp journalists and most (but not all) recruiters.

Presuming he does call I’ll put an application in if I can get the rent dropped to $380 a week. Same story, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

That’s basically where it stands. Still writing, and hoped to get it finished by the weekend, but a funeral on Friday has upset that. Will be touch and go, but the writing is relatively easy now – I know how it goes, and it’s the sort of writing I’m good at. I’m at about 71,500 words right now – expect it’ll top out at 78,000.


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