Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich: what you can – and can’t – eat

Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich: what you can – and can’t – eat.

Most of my life I’ve been one of those people who couldn’t give a fuck about what science says I should and shouldn’t eat. I ate for pleasure.

In recent years I’ve been more mindful, but only to the extent of trying to have a better balanced diet. I’d still splurge, but would schedule it. The rest of the time I’d try and eat healthy food that was always tasty – I’d rather go without if it wasn’t. For a number of reasons I’ve started eating less meat (though I love it), but the staples haven’t changed one iota over the years.

I would never buy margarine, for example, because the only thing it has in common with the thing it purports to replace – butter – is it’s colour. It has a nondescript flavour at best, and is generally a waste of time. Butter, in contrast, is a beautiful thing.

Likewise milk. Low-fat milk has always seemed pointless to me. The fat is where the flavour is, and in fact I’ve been known to go out and buy the extra cream milk because it’s so delish. My preference is for un-homogenised milk, as if straight from the cow, which is like something altogether different.

It’s the same with a lot of things that people have frowned upon – eggs, red meat, yoghurt, etc. As it turns out, according to the latest studies (and lets face it, there’ll be another study next week contradicting it) I’ve been pretty well right on the money all this time – and enjoying it – while all those self-denying health nuts have been doing themselves a disservice.

I don’t know what karma says about that.

I found this article fascinating. Personal preference has played a large part in my nutritional luck, but so to has luck. I am, for example, one of the few people on earth who doesn’t like bacon. In fact I don’t like any smoky flavours. Processed meats get a big thumbs down here, but I eat fuck all – salami is the one I eat (a nice spicy one), and then only occasionally.

I’ve never like commercial fruit juice so never drink them, though I might have something freshly squeezed occasionally. I might have a problem with carbs and white bread, but they’re both areas I addressed a while back – I’ve cut down on my carbs, and though I lurv bread, I mix up the indulgent white with more grain bread. There’s a loaf of cape seed in the pantry as we speak.

Even coffee, which I love, I’ve done in moderation. I might average about 1.5 cups of tea/coffee a day. Bugger all really.

There you go – who’d a thought that H would one day be a pin-up boy for healthy eating?


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