On the go

I feel like I’m on a count-down. I’m racing to finish this first draft by the end of the month (I won’t), while preparing myself for my first day back at work in March, at the same time largely wondering where I’m going to live and what I can do about it.

The bare facts of this are that I start work on March 2 in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I can’t be here then because it’s too far to commute, and besides my aunt and uncle return a week later in any case. That presented a conundrum. I tentatively had a place sorted out to move into, but then they advised I wouldn’t be able to do that until April. That left me with about 5 weeks of homelessness. Not ideal.

Common sense tells me I can’t wait that long given there seem no temporary options, and so I’m racing to find an alternative – something I can move into next week if possible. Tall order, and my head is spinning a tad. I’m looking at a place in Black Rock on Friday, and possible others.

Then there’s work. I’ve signed the various papers, including the contract, and shipped them back. I’m looking forward to starting, but not necessarily just for the reasons people suppose.

I feel this is a great challenge for me. I’m roused by that, which is why I’ve made it a challenge. I’ve re-cast the situation in my mind. Sure, I’ve got all these high level qualifications and worldly experience, but I go into the job stripped of that. It’s irrelevant. I look upon this job much as I would have 30 years ago when I was starting out. This is the first step in a line of stepping-stones. To progress from one to the next I have to prove I’m worthy of it. It may seem a simple job, but the challenge for me is to do it exceptionally well, and trust that through my performance I will be noticed, and other opportunities will arise as a result. That’s the challenge: do it so well they can’t ignore you. And to forget about what’s on my CV, start climbing again as if it’s day one.

This is what happened back in the day. I left school and never went to uni. I was lucky to be a quick learner, naturally smart, and, most importantly, had learned from my mistakes and committed myself to rectifying them. I had energy and attitude and though I wasted a few years working in the one job, I progressed quickly as people learned what I could do and trusted I could do more.

It seems something forgotten now, but 9 times out of 10 I went by my better credentialled colleagues because I was hungry, because I refused to lose, and because I had the smarts. I went a long way, beyond any of my contemporaries bar one. It seems irrelevant now because of my present circumstance, and is. Past glories are past. What is relevant is that I’ve done it before. The challenge is to do it again, and it excites me.

Predictably I’ve had a couple of calls in the last couple of days about other jobs, one of which was working alongside a guy who trained me once upon a time in a certification course. I’ve accepted I can’t do these things now. It’s a curiosity, no more than that, I have no qualms. I’m focussed on creating something.

As for the book? I’d love to finish by the end of the month, but I’m not going to push it. You can get writing (creativity?) fatigue, and the product suffers. I’ll do my best, but figure I’ll be about 5,000 words short of finishing, and that’s assuming a clear run.

Things are moving. In a couple of weeks I’ll be in a new job, and hopefully a new home – and may even have a finished novel.


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