Helpless frustration

I’m sitting here about to write in a state of helpless frustration. It’s by no means an unfamiliar feeling. Frustration is bad enough, but helpless frustration takes the cake.

The two most pressing issues for me right now are housing and work. No news there. I’ve attempted over the last month or so to arrange for a roof over my head. About a fortnight ago I happened across a property that seemed ideal. It was well located, had the right configuration, and as it was being let directly by the owner the price was very reasonable too. I got onto it quickly, and exchanged perhaps half a dozen emails with the owner. She told me she had only recently acquired the property and was about to begin renovating it. The good news is that I’d move into a freshly renovated joint. The bad news was that it meant it probably couldn’t move in till March. Could I cope with that?

I agreed. Though I’m faced with living in the car from this coming Monday, it actually suited me well. The fact is I don’t have the cash to move in now, but will by then. I just needed to survive for that long, or so I thought.

The only other, seemingly minor sticking point, was an inspection. Perhaps next week? Next week was last week, and I heard nothing from her. I sent her an email midweek. No response. Over the weekend I sent her an SMS. I know she read it, but she didn’t respond to that either. What do you make of that?

Certainly it’s frustrating, but it’s also confusing. Why wouldn’t she respond, if only to tell me it’s now off the market, or something? God knows there are a lot of ratbags out there, and I’ve had extensive dealings with them over the last year, but she gave the impression of being a perfectly reasonable person – up to now.

I have to presume it’s not happening, but I suspect it won’t be as straight-forward as that. My gut feel is that things are in abeyance. She’s not sure exactly what’s happening and so hasn’t responded yet. It’s a feeble excuse, but fact is there must be some reason she hasn’t replied. In the meantime, back to square one.

Then there’s work. On Wednesday last week I got a message from a guy who used to work for me, Vinnie. “Have an opportunity for you, are you interested?” Of course I was. He’s now risen in the world to be an IT manager. The role he was spruiking was project managing an office re-location. I’ve got plenty of PM experience, and in fact once did manage an office move from Darwin to Melbourne. “Send through your CV,” he told me.

Now it turns out that he’d spoken to the powers to be about me even before he contacted me. They’re not looking to advertise this role, and the personal recommendation of someone they respect counts for a lot. The plan was for them to get a short-list which the CFO would meet, and make a decision. That was the plan.

In reality what’s happened is that I’ve sent through my CV and been told someone would be in touch with me that day. That was Wednesday. To date I’ve heard nothing. I don’t know what to think, but I’m getting pissed off. They contacted me, and courtesy suggests they should be following up more promptly than this. My mate shrugs his shoulders, I’ve got no idea what’s going on he says.

So there it is. I’m frustrated, but powerless to do anything about it. That makes for helpless frustration. You just wish for once that things would run smoothly, that things for a change might break your way. That day will come, but it might not be today.


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