Rigby in da haus

Back in town, and staying at a ‘pet friendly’ hotel in South Yarra – which basically means they have a few rooms where they allow you to share with your pet. Good enough, it’s what I need, though I could live without the hotel bill.

Spent my first night here last night. Had dinner at the Cheeses first, then a couple of bottles of good red wine while a load of my washing went around. Rigby was in the car, window slightly open, happily sleeping in between visits from the kids.

I’ve got the feeling that the disruptions in my life are having an effect on Rigby. He’s always been a devoted dog, but it seems as if it’s gained an edge lately. He’s very watchful. Yesterday after I checked in I left him in the room to get my bag out of the car. He erupted into barks as soon as the door closed on me. It’s quite typical of recent times. He’s in yet another new and unfamiliar environment, and doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s wary and uncertain, and then his dad leaves him there. His barking is an expression of need.

That’s why I took him last night with me to the Cheeses, even though he couldn’t enter the house. He couldn’t stay in the hotel room by himself even if he was fine. He doesn’t mind sitting in the car and waiting for me. The car is a familiar environment, a pseudo home. It smells of me (and even more so of him). It’s an environment he can feel safe in.

The reason he can’t go indoors at the Cheeses is because of their youngest girl. She is fascinated by Rigby, but his energy and size scares her. She was quite happy to go outside to look at him, and to even pat him. Later she was insistent we all go for a walk with him. Off we went, she, her older brother, Cheeseboy, me and Rigby.

It was lovely. For once Rigby was on his best behaviour, and each of the kids had their turn leading him, much to their delight. Later they fed him in the front yard. As a proud parent of Rigby I was thrilled. And I was glad to see the barriers breaking down. In time, as they get more familiar, I’m confident that Rigby will be more readily accepted.

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